From Sally Walters, Adapting Author

I would like to thank Marie Bartlett, who helped with the adaptation, and Justin Frudd, who edited the entire work — it was a pleasure to work with both of you! Thompson Rivers University supported the adaptation by providing Marie and Justin with the time and resources to contribute, as well as providing copyright support. I also thank TRU for the ZedCred grant that was received in support of this adaptation.

I am very appreciative of the open-licensed work from Noba and OpenStax that we were able to incorporate in this adaptation.

I would also like to give an enormous thank you to the original author, Charles Stangor, for writing the original book, openly licensing his work, and allowing others to adapt it.


From the Original Author

The development of Introduction to Psychology was made possible through the combined efforts of many people, each of whom brought special skills to the project.

One important resource was an advisory board of instructors from across the country. Their thoughtful and insightful feedback throughout development was invaluable in creating this first edition. I am deeply grateful to the following people for their time and effort:

  • M. Janelle Cambron-Mellott, University of Alabama; Birmingham Southern College
  • Celeste Doerr, Florida State University
  • Jerry Green, Tarrant County College–NW Campus
  • Richard Hass, University of Delaware
  • Adam Hutcheson, University of South Carolina
  • Matthew I. Isaak, University of Louisiana at Lafayette
  • Kerry Jordan, Utah State University
  • Jerwen Jou, University of Texas–Pan American
  • Peggy Norwood, Community College of Aurora
  • Karen Rhines, Northampton Community College
  • Eva Szeli, Arizona State University
  • Anton Villado, Rice University

Introduction to Psychology also benefited from reviews at various stages of the book’s development. Many thanks to the following reviewers for their contributions:

  • Eileen J. Achorn, The University of Texas at San Antonio
  • Mara Aruguete, Lincoln University
  • David Carlston, Midwestern State University
  • Jenel T. Cavazos, Cameron University
  • Stephanie B. Ding, Del Mar College
  • Gaithri A. Fernando, California State University, Los Angeles
  • William Goggin, University of Southern Mississippi
  • Karla A. Lassonde, Minnesota State University, Mankato
  • Greg Loviscky, Pennsylvania State University
  • Michael A. Mangan, University of New Hampshire, Durham
  • Anne Moyer, SUNY at Stony Brook
  • Todd Nelson, California State University, Stanislaus
  • Bridgette J. Peteet, University of Cincinnati
  • Brad Pinter, Pennsylvania State University, Altoona
  • Steven V. Rouse, Pepperdine University
  • Glenda S. Williams, Lone Star College, North Harris

Thanks also to Maren Voss, Hagerstown (MD) Community College, for her research and writing assistance; to Matthew I. Isaak, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, for his work on the accompanying Test Item File and PowerPoint slides; and to Chrissy Chimi and Stacy Claxton of Scribe, Inc., who expertly handled the many details of the production process.

Special thanks to the team at Flat World Knowledge. Completion of the book and supplements required the attention of many people, including Michael Boezi, who signed the book and supported my efforts from beginning to end; Pam Hersperger, who managed the book through development; and Gina Huck Siegert, who worked closely with me on all aspects of the project.


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