About The Book

This book is designed to introduce students to psychology. It is an approachable, comprehensive overview of the main perspectives and sub-fields, with a focus on the science of psychology. There is an explicitly Canadian perspective, and the book incorporates open access material from other experts. Readers are also shown how to approach learning about psychology while being given the content.

The textbook chapters contain:

  1. Chapter openers — These showcase an interesting real-world example of the material in each chapter and create an interest in learning about the topic.
  2. Psychology in everyday life — These features are designed to link the principles from the chapter to real-world applications in business, environment, health, law, learning, and other relevant domains.
  3. Research focus — These are well-articulated and specific examples of research within the content area, each including a summary of the hypotheses, methods, results, and interpretations. This feature provides a continuous thread that reminds students of the importance of empirical research and also emphasizes the fact that findings are not always predictable ahead of time (dispelling the myth of hindsight bias).

In addition, to help students organize the material, chapters contain learning objectiveskey takeaways, and exercises and critical thinking activities.

Students are shown what techniques are likely to help them be successful in meeting their learning goals. Strategies for successful reading, active learning, and note-taking are provided.